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Very helpful advice, Henry -- thank you!


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>   You can redress any problems that you have with a
>   seller on ebay providing you pay with a credit card
>   or through Paypal. Through the Resolutions Center
>   you can explain what happened and if Paypal thinks
>   you are correct your money will be refunded. Besides
>   seller does not want to lose his status on Paypal.
>   As for a credit card  if you haven't signed anything
>   then the issuing bank of the card  will refund you
>   completely.
>   Recently I bought MY LIFE by Clinton which was
>   apparently signed by him. Signature turned out to be
>   a forgery. So I wrote seller saying I wanted to
>   return book. I emailed twice with no reply. I then
>   went to the Resolutions Center on Paypal and got
>   refunded within fifteen minutes!! Ironically enough
>   I have asked seller twice where to return book (I
>   threw box with address away) but again he has not
>   replied after two emails. I left no comment about
>   the seller.
>   If you pay with a money order or check then I'm
>   afraid there is nothing you can do.
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