Possible Project? (Was:question on #28 Madame Bovary)

modlib at alltel.net modlib at alltel.net
Tue Jun 21 22:28:45 EDT 2005

The first of Bill's questions alludes to an issue I have run into before.  The guide specifies a unique "price" for what I call later first editions.  For example, both the 28.2 and the 28.3 have price entries for a 'first' of this title/edition.  The true first is indicated as 28.1 on both.  However, the Dj1st column is blank on those, and is so in most cases such as this.  There are some exceptions, like 235.2 and 21.3 (another issue there, though, as 21.2 does not have a year of initial printing... it keeps the 1917 print date).

So, it seems as if recording the Dj1st on the later firsts is a useful project; this was one I was considering for the Collector Project page.  Or is there a reason for not listing the DJ number on "later firsts"?


> So i have two questions:  Is this a first edition? and is the difference in
> title numbers a typo or is there some some other explanation.

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