Question for All ML Collectors

modlib at modlib at
Mon Jun 13 13:01:49 EDT 2005

> Dogeared's mission is to provide fact-based information about  
> collecting MLs. As I understand it, Ron's proposed site is more  
> socially oriented with personal information about collectors and  
> their collections.

Yes, that is it 100%.  For example, I enjoyed both reading Scot's About page and seeing Toby's collection.

> It sounds like the archives for the discussion part(s)  
> of Ron's sites would be much easier to use. Ron, could you say more  
> about this part? Would it be threaded discussions like at coin  
> collecting forums?

Wow, I was just thinking of copying relevant questions/answers from listserv mail messages and posting them for viewing/archiving.  I had not considered making it interactive.  Threaded topics would be a step up from a generic list server.  However, I had no intention of duplicating services provided by the listserv.

> Ron and I haven't discussed these details, but Dogeared certainly  
> would link to Ron's site, and I would hope that Ron's site would link  
> to Dogeared. There would be prominent promotions on Dogeared to Ron's  
> site as there are now for this ListServ.

Right, only linking was discussed.  In fact, linking from dogeared is very important.  With no domain name, and most likely a dynamic IP address, a link from dogeared is the only constant!  Bill, by compliment, I meant no overlap of information.

>> And  a buy-sell-trade marketplace would perhaps become a safer and  
>> more certain alternative than ABE and ebay, especially for those who  
>> collect rarities and first editions.

> That would be great! Dogeared can't do that now because of potential  
> legal liability. Because Ron's site would be totally free of cost,  
> perhaps he would escape that liability. (If I were he, I'd check this  
> out of course!)

In the 2 minutes I thought about it, I had not considered any legal issues.  I was approaching it like a thumbtack board in the front lobby of a grocery store.  For Sale:,  or Wanted:, etc.  But better, because you can't take down someone elses notecard for that old lawn mower and put your own up instead.


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