Question for All ML Collectors

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Jun 13 12:02:56 EDT 2005

On Jun 13, 2005, at 8:37 AM, Bill DiBenedetto wrote:

> I think it's a great idea,

Me too!

> although i wonder how it would serve as a
> compliment to Dogeared.

Dogeared's mission is to provide fact-based information about  
collecting MLs. As I understand it, Ron's proposed site is more  
socially oriented with personal information about collectors and  
their collections.

The goal of this ML ListServ (closely associated with Dogeared but  
totally independent of it) is to facilitate discussion about ML  
collecting. All the information here is archived and members can  
easily retrieve it, but the interface of the archives is clunky and  
not threaded. It sounds like the archives for the discussion part(s)  
of Ron's sites would be much easier to use. Ron, could you say more  
about this part? Would it be threaded discussions like at coin  
collecting forums?

> Would the sites work/link in conjunction with each
> other?

Ron and I haven't discussed these details, but Dogeared certainly  
would link to Ron's site, and I would hope that Ron's site would link  
to Dogeared. There would be prominent promotions on Dogeared to Ron's  
site as there are now for this ListServ.

> I would particiapte because getting to know individual collectors  
> and their
> collections, maybe with a picture area, would be fun.
> And  a buy-sell-trade marketplace would perhaps become a safer and  
> more
> certain alternative than ABE and ebay, especially for those who  
> collect
> rarities and first editions.

That would be great! Dogeared can't do that now because of potential  
legal liability. Because Ron's site would be totally free of cost,  
perhaps he would escape that liability. (If I were he, I'd check this  
out of course!)

- Scot Kamins

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