Question for All ML Collectors

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Mon Jun 13 11:37:51 EDT 2005

I think it's a great idea, although i wonder how it would serve as a
compliment to Dogeared. Would the sites work/link in conjunction with each
I would particiapte because getting to know individual collectors and their
collections, maybe with a picture area, would be fun.
And  a buy-sell-trade marketplace would perhaps become a safer and more
certain alternative than ABE and ebay, especially for those who collect
rarities and first editions.

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> ML Collectors,
> For several months, I have been thinking about creating an ML Collectors
web site, as a compliment to Dogeared.  I am at the point where either I am
going to do it, or stop thinking about it.  The only way it will be
successful is if there is enough interest and participation.  I have spoken
with a few folks, and they have all been positive about it.
> So, I am asking for responses from any collectors who are interested in
this kind of a site, and who would participate.  Also, please provide
comments and opinions on what could be presented there.

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