Question for All ML Collectors

Toby G Levy tobylevy at
Mon Jun 13 10:58:41 EDT 2005

I'd be happy to place my data in this site.


On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 8:22:03 -0500 <modlib at> writes:
> ML Collectors,
> For several months, I have been thinking about creating an ML 
> Collectors web site, as a compliment to Dogeared.  I am at the point 
> where either I am going to do it, or stop thinking about it.  The 
> only way it will be successful is if there is enough interest and 
> participation.  I have spoken with a few folks, and they have all 
> been positive about it.
> So, I am asking for responses from any collectors who are interested 
> in this kind of a site, and who would participate.  Also, please 
> provide comments and opinions on what could be presented there.
> My thoughts are:
> - Collector pages, where each collector can identify what part of ML 
> they are collecting, how complete their collection is, photos of 
> their collection, what part of the world they live in, any kind of 
> personal info (kids, pets, other collections, etc.), current/last ML 
> title read, opinion on best ML title(s), opinion on worst ML 
> title(s) (i.e. LORD JIM), other book interests.  I would also like 
> to allow each collector to be able to place their inventory on the 
> site and keep it updated.  This data base information could even 
> help Henry make adjustments for pricing in the 2006 edition of the 
> guide (or provide input for the Kamins Rarity list).
> - Project/Question page(s), where questions can be posted and 
> answered.  This would make the questions 'stick' longer (until 
> answered).  On the Listserv, both questions and answers tend to get 
> lost.  Projects could be any part of ML that still needs to be 
> researched (if anything still needs to be researched; like is there 
> a 347.1 that is not in binding #11?).
> - Buy/Sell/Trade area?
> - ???
> Disclaimer: The site would be built at low/no cost.  The data will 
> be backed up, but 100% site up-time can't be guaranteed (especially 
> during NE Ohio winter storms).  It may take much time to get all 
> features working.
> Given all this, any interest?
> thanks,
> ron

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