Question for All ML Collectors

modlib at modlib at
Mon Jun 13 09:22:03 EDT 2005

ML Collectors,

For several months, I have been thinking about creating an ML Collectors web site, as a compliment to Dogeared.  I am at the point where either I am going to do it, or stop thinking about it.  The only way it will be successful is if there is enough interest and participation.  I have spoken with a few folks, and they have all been positive about it.

So, I am asking for responses from any collectors who are interested in this kind of a site, and who would participate.  Also, please provide comments and opinions on what could be presented there.

My thoughts are:

- Collector pages, where each collector can identify what part of ML they are collecting, how complete their collection is, photos of their collection, what part of the world they live in, any kind of personal info (kids, pets, other collections, etc.), current/last ML title read, opinion on best ML title(s), opinion on worst ML title(s) (i.e. LORD JIM), other book interests.  I would also like to allow each collector to be able to place their inventory on the site and keep it updated.  This data base information could even help Henry make adjustments for pricing in the 2006 edition of the guide (or provide input for the Kamins Rarity list).

- Project/Question page(s), where questions can be posted and answered.  This would make the questions 'stick' longer (until answered).  On the Listserv, both questions and answers tend to get lost.  Projects could be any part of ML that still needs to be researched (if anything still needs to be researched; like is there a 347.1 that is not in binding #11?).

- Buy/Sell/Trade area?

- ???

Disclaimer: The site would be built at low/no cost.  The data will be backed up, but 100% site up-time can't be guaranteed (especially during NE Ohio winter storms).  It may take much time to get all features working.

Given all this, any interest?


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