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On Jun 11, 2005, at 12:28 AM, Matthew Buckingham wrote:

> Thanks, Joe, and I overlooked Frederick Law Olmsted's Cotton Kingdom 
> (another S) as well. So the Gogol ranks fourth. Still...

>> >
>> > Tolstoy-Gogel.are you not overlooking the Bewley? The book has a "S"
>> > rating, outside of my own copy,I have never had a copy of this title
>> > for sale.

I do agree that the Bewley title is seldom seen.  Maybe
Barry knows if Bewley had a lower print run than other
late Giants.  I think I recall one copy on eBay in the
last few years, which is odd.  Everything shows up on
eBay, usually more often than one would expect (eg.,
the half dozen Illustrated Alices in the last few

The only Bewleys I saw on ABE and other sites were sans
DJ, or x-library, that is until Joe's post led me to
check ABE and, ta-da, there was a claimed VG/VG Bewley
for $11.95 (which I ordered).

...And this brings up the point about these late 60s
MLs.  While they may be scarce, I think the chance of
finding one is better than the scarce earlier titles,
and they will probably be in better shape and have a DJ
and be priced lower.

There is a good chance that copies will show up on ABE
for not much $$, as booksellers without the Guide may
not think a reprint volume from the 60s is worth much.
They don't stay on ABE long, but they do show up.

Besides the Bewley, I found The Second Sex ($10, ABE)
and the Children of Sanchez ($4, Alibris), both VG/VG.
They do show up in real bookstores too, and are usually
priced within reason (if the seller doesn't have the
Guide).  My VG/VG Cotton Kingdom was around $10 in
a bookstore a few blocks from my house (which specialized
in woman's studies, new age, and cat books; it closed
after 6 months, replaced by an Irish dance studio [?!]).

John K>

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