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Toby G Levy tobylevy at
Sat Jun 11 06:59:44 EDT 2005

Well, naming the five worst reads is fairly easy because I really hated
every page of Nietzsche I slogged through, And Stirner was awful too. 
Surprisingly, I hated Schopenhauers Philosophy even though I loved his
Studies in Pessimism. So here are my bottom five:

Nietzsche  Thus Spake Zarathustra   009.1
Nietzsche  Beyond Good and Evil     020.1
Stirner   Ego & His Own                  049.1
Nietzsche  Geneology of Morals       062.1
Schopenhauer Philosophy                 052.2

Now the top five are harder to identify because I loved so many of them.
Just glancing over the list here's five that I loved so much I read again
at least one other time:

Carroll   Alice In Wonderland       079.1
Daudet    Sapho                           085.1
Flaubert  Madame Bovary            028.1
Hudson    Green Mansions            089.1
Joyce     Prtrt of Artist as Y M      145.1

But it's unfair to not mention Lawrence and  DeMaupassant and so many
others who I really loved.  I used a "Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor" rating
system in my records. Of the 175 MLs I have in my list, 61 are rated
excellent, 70 are rated good, 32 are rated fair and only 18 are rated


On Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:16:58 -0400 J B Krygier <jbkrygier at>
> On Jun 9, 2005, at 1:33 PM, Toby G Levy wrote:
> > plus I have read them all through the 1928 releases and and am 
> about
> > three quarters of the way through 1929.
> So do you have a top 5 best reads, and bottom 5 worst reads?
> john k.

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