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Fri Jun 10 17:27:58 EDT 2005

You're correct -- all new ML titles published between fall
1967 and 1970 with lists at the end of the volume used the
spring 1967 list.  I wasn't thinking of the broader picture
when I fired off my posting to the list earlier today.  I
think I've seen some reprinted titles with 1968 lists,
however, which -- if I'm correct about this -- is something of
a puzzle.  This may reflect the fact that Random House just
wasn't paying much attention to the ML by the late 1960s and
couldn't be bothered to update the lists.       


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>   As a newcomer with little experience I am hesitant
>   to speak, but I know that I have never seen a list
>   of Regular titles that was later than Spring '67,
>   even in books clearly issued in '69 (such as
>   Racine's Plays of 09-69) or '70.  Is this due only
>   to my narrow experience?
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