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Fri Jun 10 16:46:24 EDT 2005

Thanks for the information, John ... the copy I've seen
without the first statement had the same "ml" endpapers as the
first printing.


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>On Jun 10, 2005, at 11:23 AM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>> The first printing of Four Contemporary French Plays
>> states "FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, September, 1967" but has
>> a spring 1967 list at the end of the volume (includes
>> Faulkner, As I Lay Dying but not Faulkner, Pylon). I've seen a
>> later printing without the first statement but didn't note the
>> date of the list at the end.
>On Jun 10, 2005, at 1:53 PM, Ed Postal wrote:
>> I listed it as a 1968 printing only because it did not
state FMLE. In
>> checking further it does not list Rector Of Justin, Quiet
>> Repreive, but list all the other 1967 books and is a 13/o
>I have a copy of this non-FMLE edition.  The catalog is
>correct for the first, though.  I guess RH took off the
>FMLE statement, but did not change the catalog.
>My copy has blank endpapers, and the coarse, low-grade
>paper (now yellow and brittle) common to post 1970
>printings.  Unfortunately, it is price-clipped, so can't
>know for sure (unless someone knows if that crappy paper
>was used pre-1970).
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