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Hello all.

      In response to Ron's query, I can confirm that the copy of Four Contemporary French Plays that I have up for sale on ebay does state "First Modern Library Edition, September 1967" on the Copyright Page. I'm not sure about the source of Ron's confusion, however. My copy of The Guide on page 56 notes "FMLEd" under the the column headed "ID__1ST" and correctly indicates the 1967 date for the first issue.

Amy Comeau

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Thanks Scot!

In this case, we need to add an indicator to the guide for 90.3.  For some time, I have been wondering if either the FMLEd indicator was incorrect or there was at least a second printing for this title.

I have a copy, but it does not state First Edition.  The binding/dj is 13/n.  The book list inside is for Fall 1967.  dbapaper (Amy, correct?) recently listed a copy on eBay (8310411355) and indicates "First Modern Library Edition, September 1967".  So there was more than one printing.  Ed at Barnaby Rudge claims to have a copy that indicates a 1968 printing.  Ed, can you confirm that?

ABE has 16 of these available with dj; 3 claim first edition stated.  I propose adding an "F" under the H_C column.  Henry, does this sound appropriate?


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> > Is my interpretation correct that when the BL/Lmp/H_C columns on  
> > the odd page listings are all blank, only a first edition exists?
> 1st  printings no matter what the bindings are in the Dj1st column on  
> the even page. The three columns you speak of are for later editions  
> in the various formats. Thus your conclusion is well-founded. It may  
> even be true - except that it should read "only a first edition is  
> presumed to exist."
> - Scot Kamins

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