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Fri Jun 10 08:53:17 EDT 2005

Thanks Scot!

In this case, we need to add an indicator to the guide for 90.3.  For some time, I have been wondering if either the FMLEd indicator was incorrect or there was at least a second printing for this title.

I have a copy, but it does not state First Edition.  The binding/dj is 13/n.  The book list inside is for Fall 1967.  dbapaper (Amy, correct?) recently listed a copy on eBay (8310411355) and indicates "First Modern Library Edition, September 1967".  So there was more than one printing.  Ed at Barnaby Rudge claims to have a copy that indicates a 1968 printing.  Ed, can you confirm that?

ABE has 16 of these available with dj; 3 claim first edition stated.  I propose adding an "F" under the H_C column.  Henry, does this sound appropriate?


> From: Scot Kamins <kamins at>
> Date: 2005/06/09 Thu PM 11:16:21 CDT
> To: modlib at
> Subject: Re: Guide Question - First and Later Editions
> On Jun 9, 2005, at 7:18 PM, <modlib at> wrote:
> > Is my interpretation correct that when the BL/Lmp/H_C columns on  
> > the odd page listings are all blank, only a first edition exists?
> 1st  printings no matter what the bindings are in the Dj1st column on  
> the even page. The three columns you speak of are for later editions  
> in the various formats. Thus your conclusion is well-founded. It may  
> even be true - except that it should read "only a first edition is  
> presumed to exist."
> - Scot Kamins

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