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> Boni and Liveright ceased publication of several titles prior to 1925; 
> in my opinion, those are the most difficult to find with DJs.

 From an earlier discussion on MODLIB (is this in the FAQ?),
below are the B&L only titles in ML.  It is possible that
the Atherton title was bound as an early ML Inc. title, but
it was never reprinted by ML Inc., according to Barry.  The
Beerbohm was reprinted later (using different plates) by ML
Inc., so there are 6 real toughies to find in a DJ.

Atherton: "Rezanov"
Beerbohm "Zuleika Dobson"
Howells "Hazard of New Fortunes"
Ibanez "The Cabin"
Norris "McTeague"
Stephens "Mary Mary"
Wells "War in the Air"


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