Complete Series!

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Thu Jun 9 09:29:25 EDT 2005

I think this would be interesting to know as well.  Perhaps a better way to put it is who has completed (or nearly so) -their- collection.

Scot suggests a few of many possible ways to collect:

- Every title with or without a dust jacket
- By the numbers
- By the year
- Just giants
- Just Buckrams
- By a binding
- By dust jacket type
- Only first printings with matching dust jackets

Anybody there, or close?


> From: "Bill DiBenedetto" <billdi at>
> Date: 2005/06/08 Wed PM 04:55:47 CDT
> To: <modlib at>
> Subject: Re: Complete Series!
> congrats john -- your message actually got me wondering how many modlibbers,
> if any, out there have the complete ML collection, and who has the most
> first editions, most editions with intact or mostly intact DJs, most
> slipcased illustrated editions, etc.   just wondering out loud, i mean
> electronically.
> bill
> 206-491-0296 (wk)
> 206-963-0499 (personal)

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