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> It is my understanding that the first 500 copies of the
> following titles in slipcase were signed by the modern
> library illustrator:
> brothers karamazov-william sharp,illustrator
> the wisdom of confucius-jeanyee wong, illustrator
> pickwick papers-david mc kay,illustrator
> tom jones-warren chappell, illustrator
> these first printed copies can be identified with
> the imprint"modern library"on the spine,
> and not "illustrated modern library", which denotes
> a later edition.
> however, how is one to verify the signature as being
> authentic. Is it possibe we can list the signatures,
> from those who have them , on kamins file for
> use by subscribers in verification?
> anthony pertusi

Signature verification is a tricky business at best. I'd be hesitant  
have Dogeared house allegedly "valid" signature samples since it's  
totally outside my expertise (or even interest).

It would be helpful. however, for those with sufficient expertise in  
such matters to post to the listServ the addresses of websites that  
have decent signature representations. That way folks could go to  
such sites and make their own judgments.

- Scot Kamins

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