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I agree that there is more information that should be provided for 'firsts not stated as such'.  For example, O'Neill/Ah, Wilderness! 342.1; I believe the Dogeared indication is binding 11, and this all that is provided.  However, I have two copies of this with binding 11.  One copy is a first (I think) with a Spring 1964 book list and a 'k' jacket.  The other has a Spring 1965 book list and an 'l' jacket.

So in some cases, when a book list is present (and accurate, remember Barry said these were not updated after 1967 or so), we should be able to identify the season/year.  Also we should be able to provide the jacket type of the first.

Second: I had made a proposal to determine and add the DJ1st numbers for the 'new' editions of existing titles.  For example, 66.2 does not have a DJ1st, but it has a price indicator.  I believe the number should be 374.  There are a bunch of these to add.  The proposal was to add these to the soon to be active maybe ML Collector site, but the Dogeared page concerning updates to the guide seems like the right place.  Anyone interested this time around?

Anyone have a 66.2 with an earlier number than 374?


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> Scot: It would seem that the Dogeared page could do a real service in helping to answer some of the questions related to the really difficult indica of firsts on some of the issues that can only be identified by the pages in the back of the book (dating key) and the back of the dust jacket. For example, the Toledano guide is not clear in listing the jacket ie. Gh along side of an issue.Some of these books are really difficult to determine if they are firsts and then one must determine if the jacket is a first state. Even some stated firsts leave me questioning if the dust jacket is a first or not, for example, Parodies G-93. What is the correct dust jacket for a first? Could not Dogeared show this for us? While the dating key is useful for the book, there is no easy way on some of these issues to really nail down the first jacket. Can Dogeared help here? Dogeared has done so much to advance the knowlege in this hobby, and it is highly appreciated.

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