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> Scot: It would seem that the Dogeared page could do a real service  
> in helping to answer some of the questions related to the really  
> difficult indica of firsts on some of the issues that can only be  
> identified by the pages in the back of the book (dating key) and  
> the back of the dust jacket. For example, the Toledano guide is not  
> clear in listing the jacket ie. Gh along side of an issue.Some of  
> these books are really difficult to determine if they are firsts  
> and then one must determine if the jacket is a first state. Even  
> some stated firsts leave me questioning if the dust jacket is a  
> first or not, for example, Parodies G-93. What is the correct dust  
> jacket for a first? Could not Dogeared show this for us? While the  
> dating key is useful for the book, there is no easy way on some of  
> these issues to really nail down the first jacket. Can Dogeared  
> help here? Dogeared has done so much to advance the knowlege in  
> this hobby, and it is highly appreciated.

Well, you've really opened a can of worms here, boy. Let me see if I  
can state the whole issue:

THE PROBLEM: Confirming post-1963 ML First Editions is a bear. Some  
dust jackets -- most notably those after 1963 -- do not have catalog  
listings on the inverse. Further, according to Barry in an earlier  
post, all new ML titles published between fall 1967 and 1970 with  
lists at the end of the volume used the spring 1967 list. Just to  
complicate matters, ML lists in books printed by offset lithography  
-- mostly after 1965 -- usually aren’t updated in later printings,  
and the “first” statements tend to be retained in later printings as  
well. And finally, because of the variety of DJ reverses that the ML  
used and the inconsistency of their use, especially in the 60's,  
general statements about DJ reverses by dates aren't helpful.

THE CURRENT CONUNDRUM: Dating the book is often handled well by the  
Dating Key. But sometimes it isn't; and the Key and the Guide are  
both silent on the matter of dust jacket reverses when it comes to  
specific titles.

A POTENTIAL SOLUTION: Dogeared should list the first edition points  
for doubtful titles, especially saying which Toledano DJ reverse  
should appear on the 1st DJ.

Do I have it?

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