Bill: Dickens (was:Stop buying books?)

modlib at modlib at
Fri Jul 29 18:29:22 EDT 2005


> Dickens forced his readers to wait because he serialized his novels -- 
> sometimes i like to break off at his to-be-continued points and imagine the
> anticipation and excitement of waiting for the next chapters to be
> published. what a time to be a reader -- he was his era's rock star.

Are you saying there is a continuation of sorts between his novels?  Relative to the ML titles, which order did they appear in?

> as for john's "meager 500" -- what does that make my 100 or so? miniscule i
> guess

Well, I only have 180; but I enjoy the hunt.  I spent an hour in the basement of an old bookstore recently, and came away with a 1934 67.1.  It was great fun.  I suppose we could get to 800 in a hurry if we wanted to for the sake of having 800...


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