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> In a message dated 7/29/2005 3:25:24 PM US Eastern Standard Time,  
> kamins at writes:
> (You wouldn't be spoofing us on this one would you? See The Great
> April Fools Spoof at:
> )
> No spoof.  My Restoration Plays is the same way, so that you have  
> to read from the bottom up.  I have about 1000 MLs, and couldn't  
> find any other thus oriented.  I never noticed that!
> Thanks, John, for pointing it out.  Maybe the spoof would be for  
> someone with advance scanning skills to turn that puppy around!

Good catch, then, on the part of the Original Poster. Sounds like  
it's definite "Book Note" material (with credit to John Ireland, of  
course) for that title's entry on Dogeared!

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