Reversed title on spine

John Ireland tb0jwi1 at
Fri Jul 29 15:10:30 EDT 2005


I have been on this list for six months or so, and enjoy all the posts
and discussions which have been very helpful.  I have only a meager five
hundred or so ml's compared to 800 or more, but wanted to know something
about this copy I have of "Reformation Plays".  As it sits on the shelf,
it looks so odd, because it is the only ml book with the title reversed
the other way.  Here is a scan:

Does anyone else have this dustjacket?  Were they all like this?  Is
this peculiar to this issue?  At the top of the reverse side of the dj,
it only says, "Which of these outstanding books do you want?" with no
number.  Does that make this book worth more or worth less?  Can anyone
shed any light on this?


John Ireland
Northern Illinois University

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