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I need some help.  In spite of the blurb on the back of the dust jacket---you 
know, "the books are beautifully printed,etc."---page 14 of my copy of 
Pearson's "Studies in Murder" is so faint that I cannot read the last two lines 
completely. even with strong light and magnifying glass.
I think the 2nd-to-last line begins with "was incredulous."
Can anyone help?
Roger Ambrosius 
"Miss Russell was incredulous, and in this there is little cause for wonder. 
The suggestion that some person, with the tendencies of the Borgias, was, in 
the early hours of the morning, slipping deadly drugs into the milk can of a 
respectable family in a New England town is not one that ordinarily commends 
itself to the usual lady of good sense."

You can tell it wasn't written by Hemingway.  

John Peterson
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