...a book jacket question.

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I have always considered the guide DJ dates as relevent mostly to new issues; i.e. that is when the style was introduced and first used on new titles, while the others migrated over time.  I have quite a few type 'i' DJs from the early 60's.  My latest is a 102.3 which has a type 'i' jacket with a Fall 1964 book list.  (The book itself dates to Spring 1965.)


> From: Patrick Kerr <crashelmet at gmail.com>
> Date: 2005/07/26 Tue PM 05:43:38 CDT
> To: modlib at algol.owu.edu
> Subject: ...a book jacket question.
> I'd like to first ask your pardon for this is more than likely, a pretty 
> dumb question. I'm a new collector though, and consider it progress to be 
> able to form any kind of question at all. That said, I am having a blast 
> exploring this new world, and am amazed and obsessed by the books, the guide 
> and of course, the dogeared website. That said, I'd appreciate a little 
> guidance. I've got copy of "Out of Africa" which seems to be from 1963 from 
> dating the jacket. It has an "i" type jacket though, which stopped in 59. I 
> assume the publishers would not bother updating the back of the jacket if 
> the front was staying the same, but since the book was originally published 
> by ML in 52, wouldn't it have an "h" type jacket? Scot's incredible database 
> shows a scan of the same jacket which is labeled 1963 - which would be a "j" 
> jacket type? Any help in explaining the discrepancy, if it is one. I've got 
> a John Donne with the same sort of issue. Thanks. --Confused in Hollywood.

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