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Tue Jul 26 19:21:07 EDT 2005

On Jul 26, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Patrick Kerr wrote:

>   I've got  copy of "Out of Africa" which seems to be from 1963  
> from dating the jacket. It has an "i" type jacket though, which  
> stopped in 59. I assume the publishers would not bother updating  
> the back of the jacket if the front was staying the same, but since  
> the book was originally published by ML in 52, wouldn't it have an  
> "h" type jacket?  Scot's incredible database shows a scan of the  
> same jacket  which is labeled 1963 - which would be a "j" jacket type?

Your confusion is warranted. It turns out that ML was pretty -- er --  
flexible about mixing and matching styles; it chose to avoid what  
Emerson might call a foolish consistency.

While the Guide does its best to keep up with ML's vagaries, it  
sometimes gets overwhelmed. I have a note in my copy of the Guide on  
page 165 next to the "i" jacket: While the Guide suggests 1954/59, my  
note suggests that at least a few sightings have occurred extending  
the date to 1963. Yours confirms it.

Scot Kamins
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