...a book jacket question.

Patrick Kerr crashelmet at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 18:43:38 EDT 2005

I'd like to first ask your pardon for this is more than likely, a pretty 
dumb question. I'm a new collector though, and consider it progress to be 
able to form any kind of question at all. That said, I am having a blast 
exploring this new world, and am amazed and obsessed by the books, the guide 
and of course, the dogeared website. That said, I'd appreciate a little 
guidance. I've got copy of "Out of Africa" which seems to be from 1963 from 
dating the jacket. It has an "i" type jacket though, which stopped in 59. I 
assume the publishers would not bother updating the back of the jacket if 
the front was staying the same, but since the book was originally published 
by ML in 52, wouldn't it have an "h" type jacket? Scot's incredible database 
shows a scan of the same jacket which is labeled 1963 - which would be a "j" 
jacket type? Any help in explaining the discrepancy, if it is one. I've got 
a John Donne with the same sort of issue. Thanks. --Confused in Hollywood.
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