Stop buying books? and scanning

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Mon Jul 25 20:47:39 EDT 2005

My experience with scanning is that the cheaper ones are slow and clunky,
especially when trying to coax a high-resolution scan out of them. They are
great for documents , not so great for pictures (or DJs) unless you're using
a higher-end scanner.
I think digital cameras are a better choice -- good quality digitals are
coming down in price rapidly and can do everthing a scanner can do and more,
with greater speed, flexibility and accuracy. It takes maybe about two
seconds to download a high resolution picture from my camera to my hard
That said I think's outrageous that someone would add money for scanning (or
taking its picture) to the cost of a book. That should be a service that is
a normal business expense and not an add-on to the value of the book.

"Scanners Live in Vain,"  a short SF story by Cordwainer Smith

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