Color Variation in Paperbacks?

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> Scot:Im interested in seeing these on the website, provided they  
> truly exist and are not just fading or other minor color  
> variations. scott

Well, of course!  Both of these evident variations are already on  
Dogeared. For some time now, I've been putting up all such variations  
(except for the unimportant ones on text-style DJ's covering #7  

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> Hi Folks,
> (I seem to remember writing about the general topic of color  
> variation in paperbacks before but can't recall getting any  
> response. That one was on P-2, 7 Famous Greek Plays.)
> This morning Ron Holl sent me an image of P28, O'Neill's "The  
> Iceman Cometh" (one of my favorite plays, by the way) with red as  
> the primary color. The one on Dogeared - from my own library - is  
> chartreuse. Now, chartreuse is one of the colors that red fades to  
> when sunned; but my copy is evenly chartreuse on all surfaces which  
> would be unusual in fading.
> The paperback dating key is silent on the subject of color. Any  
> comments on this topic?
> Scot Kamins
> "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do  
> nothing." -- Edmund Burke

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