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I don't know the context, but: A blay, or bleak, is a small fish common in 
the waters around London; "gaird" is an older form of "guard". Is this any help? 
Sheep also make "blaying" noises. (All from the OED.) Or could it be a 
dialect rendering of "blackguard"?

Bob Riedel

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> Since Scot brought up the comment of having a dictionary handy, I thought I 
> would check if anyone here knows the definition of 'blaygaird'.  It wasn't 
> in any dictionary that I have (even the 1 ton unabridged one from the 1940's). 
>  I picked up a copy of 355.1; it wasn't in there.  Nothing on the internet.
> I bet Joe knows; hopefully he didn't really go away!
> thanks,
> ron

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