The Wandering Jew dust jacket

Mon Jul 11 21:00:20 EDT 2005

The Wandering Jew was published in fall 1940; the first jacket
lists 274 titles.  271 was the number of titles on spring 1940
jackets and also spring 1941 jackets,  My guess is that the
271 jacket you've seen includes Hugo, Hunchaback of Notre Dame
but not Bemelmans, My War with the United States, dating it to
spring 1941.

Barry Neavill

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>   The guide liststhe Wandering Jew as having a dust
>   jacket indicating 274 for a first. This is the
>   stated correct number for the 1940 first of this
>   title. I recently came across a copy of the book , a
>   non-first, but with a dust jacket of 271 which would
>   seem to be more in line with a 1940 printing. What
>   is correct first dj for this title?
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