Book titles different from DJ titles

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The title on the title page is the title of the book,any other lettering any place else on the volume is just advertising. As an ex-librarian I cringe at your idea that can only lead to confusion.  

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The other day John Wolansky (who has been supplying Dogeared with  
tons of missing DJs of late - thanks John!!!) and I were e-discussing  
DJs with titles different from the titles that appear on the book.  
Titles like this include Thompson 38.1 (Complete Poems and then  
Complete Poetry Of on Complete Poetical Works), Plato 181.1  
(Philosophy Of on Works Of), and of course the notorious American  
Poetry 1671-1928 101.2.

I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of these for  
Dogeared. What other titles are like this? What is the book's  
title,and what is the title on the dust jacket?

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