The Fireside Book of Famous British Stories

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Any chance of G77.1 being of the same design and format? I have never seen a 
copy of the book..also note it was published a year later.
It is quite similar in DJ design and TOC layout, and also began as a Bedside 
Book  (of Famous American Stories); both British and American were co-edited 
by Bennet Cerf and published by RH.  In the intro to G77.1, Cerf writes, "We 
were, in truth, compiling a 'Bedside Book'--one that a tired reader, just before 
turning in for a night's sleep, might open at random and round out his day by 
reading one of the gems of the short story literature of our country."

Thanks to those of you that shed some light on this odd-ball 54.2.  My 
original disappointment has left, and I'm glad to have it, both because I like books 
with mysterious pasts and also because I got mine cheaper than Joe sold his 
for :>)  Now, the search will continue for a normal 54.2.

John Peterson  
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