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On Jul 9, 2005, at 2:38 PM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:

> The first MLG edition of Werfel's Forty Days of Musa Dagh
> presents a somewhat different situation.  The book was
> originally published by Viking Press in 1934 and appeared as a
> ML Giant in 1937.  5,000 copies of the first MLG edition were
> printed as Giants by RH.  The other 4,000 copies of the first
> MLG edition were supplied by Viking Press as folded and
> gathered sheets of their edition.  The ML removed the first 4
> leaves,  replaced them with newly printed MLG leaves, and
> bound the books in the MLG binding.  All 9,000 copies, as far
> as I've been able to determine, were placed on the market
> simultaneously.  In the case of Forty Days of Musa Dagh, it
> takes close bibliographical analysis to distinguish the copies
> that came from Viking Press from those that were printed by
> the ML.

Now, THIS is great ML stuff! Those of us who are fanatics will be up  
all night inspecting our Werfels. :-D

How can you tell, though, which are the - what do we call them -  

Scot Kamins

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