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My reasoning is based on the fact that the book was sold by
the ML in a ML jacket printed especially for these copies of
the RH Bedside Book. Granted, the book itself is not a ML book .

The first MLG edition of Werfel's Forty Days of Musa Dagh
presents a somewhat different situation.  The book was
originally published by Viking Press in 1934 and appeared as a
ML Giant in 1937.  5,000 copies of the first MLG edition were
printed as Giants by RH.  The other 4,000 copies of the first
MLG edition were supplied by Viking Press as folded and
gathered sheets of their edition.  The ML removed the first 4
leaves,  replaced them with newly printed MLG leaves, and
bound the books in the MLG binding.  All 9,000 copies, as far
as I've been able to determine, were placed on the market
simultaneously.  In the case of Forty Days of Musa Dagh, it
takes close bibliographical analysis to distinguish the copies
that came from Viking Press from those that were printed by
the ML.  


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>On Jul 9, 2005, at 1:15 PM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>> Since this was sold by RH in a MLG jacket, I'd count it as a
>> ML rarity -- or at least a ML curiosity -- and not something
>> concocted by an unscrupulous bookseller.  It's similar to late
>> printings of Illustrated ML titles that were sold in regular
>> ML bindings with the regular series.
>I am outraged - OUTRAGED - by this line of thinking!
>(OK, I'm a bit bored at the moment, and have little else to
occupy my  
>mind. But seriously folks...)
>Since the book doesn't carry the ML imprint anywhere in it
(or so I  
>am led to believe without having a copy here in front of me),
I don't  
>see how we can call it an ML rarity.  It's a weird RH sales  
>technique, but part of a serious ML collection? I think not.
>I suppose I'd sheathe my sword if we called it an ML
curiosity and  
>let it go at that, but no RIGHT-THINKING collector...
>Scot Kamins
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