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I saw this jacket at a dealer in NY a few years ago.  Checking to determine
the edition, I noticed it was not a ML book and had a different name than
the jacket.  I passed and when I returned to the dealer the next year, I
mentioned he had a mismatched book and jacket.  He looked and agreed.  He
may have separated the two (WHOOPS!).

I did not notice the size was 1/4" larger and did not put 2 and 2 together,
or I might have bought it as a curio.


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The MLG Anthology of Famous British Stories, published in
1952, was printed from plates of the Bedside Book of Famous
British Stories, originally published by Random House in 1940.
 The MLG edition omits the introduction by Bliss Perry (the
title-page was altered accordingly) so you got the
introduction as an unexpected bonus.  The 1248 pages of the
Giant include 14 preliminary pages numbered in roman numerals
and 1234 pages in the body of the text.  The last numbered
page is 1233; [1234] is blank.  The Bliss introduction in the
Bedside Book appears on pp. xv-xxii; these are omitted from
MLG printings.

If the MLG jacket fits the larger-format Bedside Book, it had
to be printed specially for this purpose.  I assume there were
copies of the Bedside Book in the warehouse that RH wanted to
dispose of and instead of remaindering them they sold them at
the MLG price with other Giants. This probably saved the cost
of printing additional copies of the Giant, and all RH had to
do was print up a fresh batch of (slightly larger) jackets.

Since this was sold by RH in a MLG jacket, I'd count it as a
ML rarity -- or at least a ML curiosity -- and not something
concocted by an unscrupulous bookseller.  It's similar to late
printings of Illustrated ML titles that were sold in regular
ML bindings with the regular series.


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>   I just bought a book on ABE, and need some help
>   deciding how I feel about it.  The book is G54.2
>   (Anthology Brit. Stories).  The book
>   arrived apparently as described, but I soon noticed
>   that it was 1/3" taller than all of the other ML
>   Giants on the shelf. 
>   When I removed the  Modern Library DJ, I was
>   disappointed to find that the book's title is The
>   Bedside Book of Famous British Stories, also
>   published by Random House.  The same 80
>   stories, with the same editors.  However, the DJ
>   promises 1248 pages, and the volume I have delivers
>   only 1233, probably missing the normal catalogue. 
>   My question is this: Am I the victim of an improper
>   marriage by a bookseller?  Or, could it be the
>   product of Random House putting some odds and ends
>   together?  I wonder about this since the ML Dust
>   Jacket (1957 vintage, w/379 v. listed on the
>   inside) fits the Bedside Book perfectly,  both being
>   about 8 5/8" instead of the normal 8 1/4".  Are
>   "normal" copies of G54.2 the "normal" height for
>   giants (8 1/4)? 
>   John Peterson
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