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No Giant ever had Kent endpapers.  The plates that printed the
Kent endpapers were too small for the Giants format.  Kent
endpapers came in two sizes: the standard balloon cloth
format, then in the larger Blumenthal format.  Balloon cloth
titles like Sister Carrie and Women in Love that were larger
than the standard format have a white border around the Kent
endpapers because the endpaper plates were smaller than the
page size.  When the larger Blumenthal format was introduced
in fall 1940, larger Kent plates hadn't been made yet so 1940
 printings in the larger format had plain white endpapers.  By
spring 1941 larger Kent endpapers were available.

The statement about Kent endpapers on the verso of The
Complete Works of Lewis Carroll was boilerplate that appeared
on all ML volumes at this period, whether they had Kent
endpapers or not.  Eventually someone noticed the incongruity
and the boilerplate was changed.

There was a period around 1948-1950 or so when Giants had
endpapers designed especially for the Giants format.  I don't
know who designed these.  Otherwise all Giants had plain white
endpapers except for occasional titles like the Twain that had
pictorial endpapers unique to that volume.


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>I just looked at my copies of To the Lighthouse, 217.1 1937,
and Rome Haul,
>191.2 1938 and see the same statement you reference, which I
also see on my
>1941 G28.  Most of the Giants I have from that period have
blank endpapers,
>and with just a cursory look, I did not see that statement on
any of the
>other Giants.  My guess is this is just another example of
the weak quality
>control at ML, the statement was incorrectly included in the
Carroll book,
>and Kent endpapers were never scheduled for the Giants.  They
are in both of
>the other books I mention.
>John Wolansky
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> Regarding G28, The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, I
>have polled a good number of Lewis Carroll collectors
>and have been unable to locate a single copy of G28
>that DOES have the Rockwell Kent endpapers, which are
>mentioned on the verso of the t.p.
>If anyone can verify that there are copies with the
>Kent endpapers, I would be very grateful to learn of
>clare imholtz
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