Wuthering Heights 400 p. with Macaulay introduction?

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I'm trying to find out if there is a ML printing of Bronte's 
WUTHERING HEIGHTS that combines the Rose Macaulay 
introduction with the 400 p. typesetting that was first used 
in 1946 for the Illustrated ML edition.  

All of the copies I've seen with the Macaulay introduction 
use the 390-page typesetting that dates from 1926 (the text 
ends on p. 390).  I have a printing of this with a fall 1947 
list at the end of the volume and a spring 1947 jacket.
I have a Wuthering Heights with the Maculay Intro and the 390 page version 
that dates in the back of the book to Spring, 1950.  (James, Washington Square 
but not Alcott, Little Women.)  The DJ for this book dates to fall, '48 
(Dickenson but not Austen).  I'm guessing that the late date for this book indicates 
that the answer to your question is probably "no".  

John Peterson
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