Wuthering Heights 400 p. with Macaulay introduction?

GORDON NEAVILL aa3401 at wayne.edu
Sun Jan 23 16:21:36 EST 2005

I'm trying to find out if there is a ML printing of Bronte's 
WUTHERING HEIGHTS that combines the Rose Macaulay 
introduction with the 400 p. typesetting that was first used 
in 1946 for the Illustrated ML edition.  

All of the copies I've seen with the Macaulay introduction 
use the 390-page typesetting that dates from 1926 (the text 
ends on p. 390).  I have a printing of this with a fall 1947 
list at the end of the volume and a spring 1947 jacket.

Copies of WUTHERING HEIGHTS printed after 1950 use the new 
plates originally made for the Illustrated ML (text ends on 
p. 400) with the Royal A. Gettmann introduction originally 
written for the ML College Editions.

There may be a 1948-1950 printing of WUTHERING HEIGHTS that 
combines the Macaulay introduction with the 400-page 
typesetting, but I've never seen it and can't prove that it 

I'd be grateful if you could check your collections and see 
if you have a copy with the Macaulay introduction where the 
text ends on p. 400.  

Many thanks,

Gordon B. Neavill
Associate Professor
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
aa3401 at wayne.edu 

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