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These are the books I have read so far this year.  Right now I am working on 
Joseph Andrews.  Last year I completed 78 books, the majority of which were 
ML, since that is the most of my library, however; I also read history about 
WW1, WW2, France, Poland, Israel, an increditably interesting tome on Napoleon's 
invasion of Moscow in 1812, and a couple of Stephen King thingies that pale in 
comarison to a combination of The World According to Gard read in conjunction 
with the Adventures of Augie March.  I think it might be fun to find a 
chatroom and have a discussion about somethings that have been read.  Or maybe just 
a site with a place to post thoughts, then folks can go back and forth with 
ideas.  One thing varacious readers exhibit is a propensity for writing.  
Perhaps a ML has been inspirational for someone to write something and that could be 
shared.  The boundaries are only imposed by our energy.  I'm truly happy I 
opened my big yap about actually reading.  

Mallory Morte D Arthur
Paul    The Life & Death of a Spanish Town
Faulker Pylon(First ML 1967)
Crane   Maggie a Girl of the Streets(first 1933)
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