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Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jan 13 19:08:24 EST 2005

At 5:44 PM -0500 1/13/05, John Krygier wrote:
>On Jan 13, 2005, at 11:49 AM, McBride, Jo-Anne C MCF:EX wrote:
>>  If any one wanted to start looking at content, I'd be in on that. Last year
>>  I started a group on Yahoo, but it didn't catch on, but another person might
>>  have better luck.
>You can always try here again - there have been dozens of new
>subscribers since last year.  You can certainly share your thoughts
>on MLs you have read.

Tell us how your group intended to operate. Did you choose a book to 
read and then discuss it?

Scot Kamins

"Modern Library books are intended to be read and not just to be 
stuck away in bookcases like old sets of Balzac and Victor Hugo..."
                    - Bennett Cerf

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