Dogeared 53, ModLib 128

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Discussing the books and ending up with a full rounded and eclectic
knowledge of literature and the arts is my purpose in collecting ML.
Variations are wasted on me, as are discussions about bindings, foxing, dust
jackets and first editions. (But reading other people's fascination about it
is still interesting!)
If any one wanted to start looking at content, I'd be in on that. Last year
I started a group on Yahoo, but it didn't catch on, but another person might
have better luck.

Jo-Anne McBride 
Burnaby, BC 

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I would be more inclined to discuss the quality of the text; ie; I read what
I  collect.  The variations are fun and interesting, completion of  the
library is the goal, but the ultimate goal is to have read and digested the
wealth of literature, philosophy, history, and social science the Modern
Library offers.

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