John jwol at fast.net
Wed Jan 12 09:44:20 EST 2005

I just obtained a FMLE of the above title.  It contains the FMLE 1928
statement on the copyright page and the back of the jacket indicates 150
books.  These are the markers noted the Henry's guide; however, the
guide indicates the first DJ has a small Bernhard torchbearer but my
jacket has a large Bernhard.

The dating key per Mr. Neville dates the jacket as Fall 1928.

Was there an earlier jacket?  Does anyone have a Swann's Way with a
small torchbearer on the cover?  I appreciate the guide corrections
project is on hold, but this could be another typo.

For those jackets where the same number of titles available was used in
the Spring and the Fall, how does one know which is the first jacket?
How can I determine if the 1st is a Spring or Fall issue?  Here is a
caveat from Mr. Neville's dating key:

.      Beware of dating ML jackets solely on the basis of the number of
titles in the heading inside the jacket or on the back panel. Dating
must always be confirmed on the basis of titles included/not included in
the list. Titles date a list by spring or fall of a given year. The
following numbers remain unchanged through more than one season: 225
(fall 1933-fall 1934), 271 (spring 1940; spring 1941), 334 (spring-fall
1948), 379 (spring-fall 1957), 388 (fall 1959-spring 1960), 415 (fall
1962-spring 1963).

It would sure be nice if the Dogeared site and the anticipated guide had
that info :-).

John Wolansky
jwol at fast.net

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