Another late '60s anomaly binding

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It may not have been a mistake at all. Die sets required maintenance, their 
small radii wore down and they lost their definition, sometimes they just 
broke: likely the bindery did whatever was expedient to get the job out the 

Also it wouldn't surprise me to find that the bindry stored an overrun of 
piece parts for a long term. Back then there wasn't the burning desire to 
have absolutely no stock or inventory like there is now.


At 08:57 AM 1/4/2005, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>There were separate dies for stamping the spine and front
>panel of ML bindings.  The "ml" front panel design was
>introduced in 1967; any ML book that has this front panel is
>1967 or later.  The dies used for stamping the spines of
>these bindings date from 1961 (Shaw's Short Stories) and
>around 1940 (Mayor of Casterbridge).  There are two possible
>explanations for the use of the older spine dies for these
>titles: (1) the ML hadn't got round to making new spine dies
>for these titles, or (2) the binder used the old dies by
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> >At 9:31 PM -0500 1/3/05, John Krygier wrote:
> >>Hi Modlib,
> >>
> >>Awhile back I found a copy of Shaw's "Selected Short
> >>with a peculiar mix of binding style 10 - the spine (early
> >>1960s) & 14 - the front (late 1960s):
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>I just found another binding like this, on a copy of
> >>"Mayor of Casterbridge" (17.2).
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>The book is in the tall, late '60s binding with the
> >>dust jacket.  Curious if anyone else has this particular
> >>and if it has the odd binding.  I think Gordon said these
> >>post 1970 printings.
> >
> >Boy, those are so strange! I wonder how that combination
> >Could stamping have been a two-step process, so that the
>spine got
> >stamped in the early 60's with the whole binding stored for
>10 years
> >or so until needed and then blind-stamped on the front
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