Another late '60s anomaly binding

John Krygier jbkrygie at
Mon Jan 3 21:31:53 EST 2005

Hi Modlib,

Awhile back I found a copy of Shaw's "Selected Short Stories"
with a peculiar mix of binding style 10 - the spine (early
1960s) & 14 - the front (late 1960s):

I just found another binding like this, on a copy of Hardy's
"Mayor of Casterbridge" (17.2).

The book is in the tall, late '60s binding with the redesigned
dust jacket.  Curious if anyone else has this particular edition,
and if it has the odd binding.  I think Gordon said these were
post 1970 printings.

Also, I found a binding 14 tall version of Capote's "Selected
Writings."  The DJ is a minor variant, with the stylized ML,
not at dogeared, so I sent it along to Scot.  For the Guide,
then, there should be an "=" in the 67 column for this title.

John K.

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