Why Is It?

John Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Tue Feb 22 13:15:54 EST 2005

On Feb 22, 2005, at 12:35 PM, JOSEPH HILL wrote:

> Today a Fine copy of,Scribners Presents The Modern In First Edition,is
> closing on ebay @ $20.00 with no bids on the book. The Modern Library
> Price Guide lists the book at $75.00. I have had  a copy on ABE for
> years and can't sell the book.,does everyone have a copy?

One just sold for $4.25 on eBay.  In the last few years
there have been at least a half dozen on eBay, so the
book does not seem to be that scarce.  I have seen a
couple in used bookstores.

It is also not really about the Modern Library - rather
it is a catalog of some original 1st editions of titles
included in the ML.  In a way, it is sort of a critique
of the ML: yes the ML has classics, but if you are a classy
collector you will buy a real edition.

john k.

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