Hardcover B&L titles in blue cloth

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At 4:18 PM -0500 2/17/05, John wrote:
>My copy contains the K list.
>John Wolansky
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>...The list in my clothbound
>Yeats is K.  List K has 5 pages of titles; the last title on
>the first page is Davidson, Poems.  My guess is that all B&L
>titles in blue cloth have the same list--if they include a
>list at all. (Sharon's copy of Van Loon's Ancient Man, now
>on eBay, has 2 blank leaves at the end--or so I assume--and
>therefore didn't have room for a 5-page list.)
>If all books bound in this format have the same list, my
>hypothesis about a temporary shortage of imitation leather
>is probably the most likely explanation.

So you would put the date of the blue copies to 1924?

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