Modlib in the movies (and the media)

Michael Stutz stutz at
Thu Feb 17 15:41:54 EST 2005

So has anyone spotted a Modern Library book in the movies, in a magazine
photo or in some other media appearance? Is this a FAQ?

Some several months ago I watched "Paris Blues" (1961) and thought I
spotted a row of Modern Library books on the bookshelf over the bed in
Ram's (Paul Newman) apartment, but after repeated freeze-framing and
rewinding before reporting my findings here I was able to determine that
the tomes belonged to some other series, alas. (Maybe they were
Everyman's Library?)

But this whole idea of spotting copies of Modern Library books in the
movies or in other media came up again last weekend when I got ahold of
a first printing of DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER by William Brinkley (Random
House 1956) and there on the back of the dust jacket is a full-page
photo of Mr. Brinkley in what we presume to be his home library,
standing before a shelf of---you guessed it---nice new Modern Libraries
in their dust jackets. At first glance: TOM JONES, LORD JIM, A TALE OF
the many on the top shelf, with perhaps a row of Giants beneath. Mr.
Brinkley is still living---wonder if these books still hold their
honored places in his library?

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