Hardcover B&L titles in blue cloth

GORDON NEAVILL aa3401 at wayne.edu
Thu Feb 17 15:15:50 EST 2005

The B&L title I have in this format (dark blue cloth over 
stiff boards) is Yeat's Irish Fairy and Folk Tales.  The 
list at the back also includes Moliere.  My guess is that 
there was a temporary shortage of imitation leather and the 
ML's binder substituted blue cloth for ML books being bound 
at this period.

There were 12 distinct lists of titles during the Boni & 
Liveright period.  I designate these as B&L lists A-L.  
The first five (A-E) were one-page lists that appeared at 
the front of ML books.  The last seven (F-L) were multi-page 
lists that appeared at the end.  The list in my clothbound 
Yeats is K.  List K has 5 pages of titles; the last title on 
the first page is Davidson, Poems.  My guess is that all B&L 
titles in blue cloth have the same list--if they include a 
list at all. (Sharon's copy of Van Loon's Ancient Man, now 
on eBay, has 2 blank leaves at the end--or so I assume--and 
therefore didn't have room for a 5-page list.) 

If you have a B&L title in this format, please check and see 
if it has a list at the end, and if so which one it is.  
Here are the last 3 lists used in ML books published by Boni 
and Liveright:

List J -- 5 p. list of titles; last title on the 1st page is 
Daudet, Sapho (in same vol. as Prevost's Manon Lescaut)

List K -- 5 p. list of titles; last title on 1st page is 
Davidson, Poems

List L -- 5 p. list of titles + 5 p. Subject Index; last 
title on 1st page is Crane, Men, Women and Boats. 

If all books bound in this format have the same list, my 
hypothesis about a temporary shortage of imitation leather 
is probably the most likely explanation.

Please respond to the list!


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>Sharon, thought I would eMail via the list since it may be 
of interest
>to others.
>I have a similar copy of 55.1, Selected Addresses of 
Wilson.  Like
>yours, mine has no topstain, is dark blue, monk on the 
cover (actually a
>Toledano #3 spine, as well), and STIFF boards.  The list at 
the end has
>78.1, Moliere as the latest entry, dating the book to 1924.
>Thought I had the only one in existence, drat!
>John Wolansky
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