Any good bookstores that carry modern library?

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Sat Feb 12 14:44:06 EST 2005

Hi Mr. Kamins,
Good talking to you on the phone the other day; I'm sending you a check for
$15.00 so that I can join your group and contribute my 'fair share.'  Any
further advice about the books I'm trying to sell or trade will be
appreciated.  I'm going to attempt to E-Mail you the list.  Perhaps I'll
send you a copy as well.
Gary Aho
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> >I have lots of ML in stock, but anyway would like to meet you.
> >Call me at number below when you are in San Francisco. All the best.
> >Henry at Books etc
> I can testify to the accuracy of Henry's book grading and to the
> fairness of his prices. (It was he who got me started in the hobby.)
> I strongly recommend you check out his stock.
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