Unreported Beardsley DJ on eBay

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Sun Feb 6 16:29:07 EST 2005


While trolling eBay I found an auction item of interest:


Compare the dust jacket to those on Dogeared:


Note that the title band is the earlier Boni-Liveright type, all on 
one line. But the second line of the title and the DJ blurb mimic the 
later Modern Library type. The seller notes that the piece is from 
1925 and represents a very early ML Inc. printing - and comparisons 
to the styles we know about back up her contention. So we have a nice 
example of a BL to ML Inc. transition type.

I've swiped the image and will be processing it for addition to the 
Beardsley page soon. This will make four DJs for this title from 1919 
to 1930. I wonder if there's a "small b" type from 1927 floating 

  Scot Kamins, FCB-0

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