Modern Libraries with no dust jackets

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Thu Feb 3 16:33:38 EST 2005

On Feb 2, 2005, at 6:03 PM, JPetersonlhi at wrote:

> Terry, the early B/L Modern Library Volumes did have dust jackets, but 
> they weren't built to last, so it's extremely rare to find one w/dj.  
> I've been collecting MLs for about ten years now, and have never found 
> one.  To see what they look like, go to the dogeared website and 
> scroll down to the entry, "ML Bindings and Dust Jackets to 1939."  You 
> can see and read how our esteemed webmaster found a whole trove of 
> them. 

The B&L (pre 1925) in DJ are really hard to find, and
it is mostly luck that led me to the 13 I found in the
last few years (11 at once, which does not happen
often, but is not the record).

The two I had before finding the group of 11 were found
in regular used bookstores (both had older stock).  The
group of 11 was just a quirk - bought a book on the WWW
(some other classic series book) and asked the seller if
they had any other old series books in DJ and was sent a
list that included all the B&Ls.

I am amazed at the booksellers (on ABE etc.), selling
B&L MLs and claiming they never came with a DJ.  Why
would they assume this?  I have also heard it from other
bookstore owners in different places in the country.

Another curiosity is that I have been able to assemble
about 60 Everyman's Library books w/ DJs in the pre-1925
era over the last few years.  I guess EL was selling many
more books than the Modern Library at that time!

John K.

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